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Soft washing has quickly become a trusted home exterior maintenance method. With many methods carrying unnecessary risk of damage and personal injury, soft washing is a thorough and effective way to rid the exterior of your home from unsightly stains and potentially damaging build up. Soft washing relies on a low-pressure washing technique coupled with detergents, bleach, and other chemicals that help clean and ward against organic stains, mildew, and algae. This type of exterior maintenance is especially needed in warmer, humid climates where algae is more prone to grow. Even though the process of soft washing was initially implemented to clean algae and algae stained roofs, soft washing has become a regular practice in all forms of exterior home maintenance. When compared to other forms of exterior washing – such as power washing – soft washing carries less of a risk of damage or destruction of your structure.

Soft washing is a good method to use when cleaning a plethora of surfaces. Surfaces that are exceptionally prone to damage, such as painted wood or porous surfaces. Soft washing allows for a deep cleaning that effectively eliminates stains and bacteria, while being gentle on the surface that is being cleaned. 

Though chemical solutions that are used in the soft washing process may vary, sodium hypochlorite and bleach tend to be the most common chemicals. Both of these chemicals have the ability to disinfect a surface, addressing the stain at a deeper level than just surface cleaning. You may also see soft washing practices utilize algaecides, surfactants, and water to achieve a deep and lasting clean. The chemical mixtures used in the soft washing process are used in industrial strengths, making them potentially harmful for those that are not trained to use and handle these chemicals. You should always hire a professional that has good experience and knowledge in working with these powerful chemicals. 

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