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The hot and humid weather can result in the accumulation of dirt, algae, and molds on the walls, rocks, and your house. However, when you think of washing and cleaning the stones and the house, you need to find out the best possible way to do it.

Pressure cleaning and soft washing are the two options if you are thinking of cleaning and removing the dirt that accumulates on the stones.

The pressure washing uses water on high pressure. Whereas, soft washing is a process that involves the detergents, surfactants, and mild washing solutions.

Why not pressure washing?

When you opt for the pressure washing, you need to prepare yourself about the risks that come with it. Pressure washing can lessen the life of the stone or the siding. Do you know why? When the water is used with high pressure to clean the dirt, it can break the stone. Or you will see the cracks that become visible after pressure washing. This washing results in eventually breaking the stones.

Is there a solution to avoid breakage?

Well, you can opt for the soft washing method. You already know that soft washing does not need the pressure. So, when pressure is not there, you will not have to risk the durability of the stones to get a better appearance.

The detergents used in the process of soft washing are not harsh on the stones. So, it’s not a threat to the cleaning process. Moreover, you will get the stones cleaned and free from dirt and algae.

Reason of accumulation of dirt and growth of algae

There are various reasons for the growth of algae and the collection of dust on stones.

Weather and humidity

One of the main reasons is the weather and rain in the area. If you live in an area where the weather is usually warm and humid, it is most likely that there will be more dirt and algae growth on the stones, walls and homes.

Moisture and the dampness

The humidity and dampness are not because of the weather only. It can be because of the leakage and seepage in the house. If your home, roof, walls, or floors have the issue of leakage, you will find the growth of algae there.

Why is it essential to remove the algae and dirt?

The reasons are apparent. We cannot avoid the fact that cleaning of the house is essential. If the algae and dirt are not appropriately cleaned, it will not only look terrible, but it will also spread infections, irritations, and the breeding of other organisms. These reasons make it compulsory for the homemakers to clean their house to avoid any unlikely health issues that can happen.

However, not all people understand what material and equipment required for the soft washing process. Contact us today for a free quote (216-839-9274)!