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Benefits of Soft Washing your home

Benefits of Soft Washing your home

Soft washing has quickly become a popular and relied upon process when it comes to exterior home maintenance. Rather than using high pressure water, soft washing relies on the power of chemicals to do the deep cleaning. The typical solution used when soft washing is water, bleach, and some form of surfactant. This solution is applied and then left for 15-20 minutes or longer, depending on the dirtiness of the surface. After the solution is left for the appropriate amount of time, it is rinsed off using an applicator which distributes water at a PSI of 500 or under. Once the surface is rinsed, you’re able to see the benefits soft washing has on your exterior. In this method, the bulk of the work and cleaning is done by the chemicals, or detergents as opposed to high pressure water like other cleaning methods. One selling point for this method compared to others, such as power washing, is that for bacteria, mold, and algae it kills the organism as opposed to just blasting it away like you would with power washing.

Not only does soft washing protect your home, roof, and siding from any further damage, it can also protect the individual who is performing the soft washing process from any potential injuries or lacerations that sometimes accompanies pressure washing. By using the soft washing process, the entire home can be cleaned from top to bottom. This is a big selling point for this process as it eliminates the need to hire multiple companies, or take on multiple exterior cleaning processes. The simplicity and the ease at which this cleaning process can be executed is a big reason as to why it has become such a popular and relied upon cleaning exterior cleaning method. As with all home projects, in order to ensure you are getting the most out of this process it’s best to hire a professional company to help you in your home maintenance efforts. 

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Benefits of Soft Washing your home

What is soft washing?

Soft washing has quickly become a trusted home exterior maintenance method. With many methods carrying unnecessary risk of damage and personal injury, soft washing is a thorough and effective way to rid the exterior of your home from unsightly stains and potentially damaging build up. Soft washing relies on a low-pressure washing technique coupled with detergents, bleach, and other chemicals that help clean and ward against organic stains, mildew, and algae. This type of exterior maintenance is especially needed in warmer, humid climates where algae is more prone to grow. Even though the process of soft washing was initially implemented to clean algae and algae stained roofs, soft washing has become a regular practice in all forms of exterior home maintenance. When compared to other forms of exterior washing – such as power washing – soft washing carries less of a risk of damage or destruction of your structure.

Soft washing is a good method to use when cleaning a plethora of surfaces. Surfaces that are exceptionally prone to damage, such as painted wood or porous surfaces. Soft washing allows for a deep cleaning that effectively eliminates stains and bacteria, while being gentle on the surface that is being cleaned. 

Though chemical solutions that are used in the soft washing process may vary, sodium hypochlorite and bleach tend to be the most common chemicals. Both of these chemicals have the ability to disinfect a surface, addressing the stain at a deeper level than just surface cleaning. You may also see soft washing practices utilize algaecides, surfactants, and water to achieve a deep and lasting clean. The chemical mixtures used in the soft washing process are used in industrial strengths, making them potentially harmful for those that are not trained to use and handle these chemicals. You should always hire a professional that has good experience and knowledge in working with these powerful chemicals. 

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Benefits of Soft Washing your home

What is The Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft washing?

As a responsible homeowner, you want what is best for your home to ensure it lasts as long as possible and looks the best it possibly can. That is why it is important to understand the different types of exterior home cleanings available to you so you can make the best decision for you and your house.

The two most common forms of exterior home cleaning are pressure washing and soft washing. But what is the difference between the two? It boils down to the water pressure and amount of cleaning solution used in each type of washing. Pressure washing uses extremely high water pressure, usually between 1300-1700 PSI, or pounds per square inch. Soft washing foregoes that water pressure, usually only utilizing 500 or less PSI, and instead uses eco-friendly chemicals to get the job done.

How do you know which is the best for your home? The answer varies depending on what surface you are looking to have cleaned. Because pressure washing utilizes such high water pressure, it is best suited for extremely durable materials like brick, concrete, or rock. Pressure washing is commonly performed on sidewalks or patios instead of on the exterior of a house. Soft washing is better for most other materials and ensures surfaces won’t be eroded by extreme water pressure. It is best performed on materials like glass, cedar shake, wood, vinyl siding, and screens but the list goes on and on. If you’re still not sure, the good news is that most home care technicians are happy to provide phone consultations free of charge to ensure you get the cleaning service you and your home deserve.

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Benefits of Soft Washing your home

How Do You Soft Wash?

Know what chemicals you need

There are only three chemicals that you need to mix to make your soft wash solution. First and foremost, you need to start your base with bleach. Bleach is the main component to the mix because it is used to kill off any bacteria, germs, mildew, mold, and stagnant viruses. The bleach is mixed with the second ingredient, water, which is used only to dilute the bleach. So, if your bleach is already diluted then there is no need to add any more water. The third ingredient is cleaning surfactant. What is a chemical surfactant? It is a soap that is used to lift greases, sticky substances, and stuck on mud. It is the same thing that you use on your cloths in the washing machine. These three ingredients are the only ingredients you need to make your soft wash mix.

Know what pressure is correct

Soft washing isn’t pressure washing. Pressure washing uses a high-pressure valve that forces dirt and grime off the surface. Instead of pressure, soft washing uses the soap to lift the dirt. So, you need to know what pressure is best for your surface. Mainly the water is used to wet the surface and wash the soap from the area. Even a hose can be used during the soft washing process.

Hire a professional for proper care

The process is pretty simple, but the proper care and mix of the chemicals is highly important. A professional will be able to bring all of the right equipment. If you try to do it yourself then you will be buying all of the chemicals and the equipment yourself. Soft washing doesn’t get rid of everything. You still will need to remove the larger debris. If you are washing your roof then getting a professional to get up there is your best option.

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Benefits of Soft Washing your home

Soft washing stone to remove dirt and algae

The hot and humid weather can result in the accumulation of dirt, algae, and molds on the walls, rocks, and your house. However, when you think of washing and cleaning the stones and the house, you need to find out the best possible way to do it.

Pressure cleaning and soft washing are the two options if you are thinking of cleaning and removing the dirt that accumulates on the stones.

The pressure washing uses water on high pressure. Whereas, soft washing is a process that involves the detergents, surfactants, and mild washing solutions.

Why not pressure washing?

When you opt for the pressure washing, you need to prepare yourself about the risks that come with it. Pressure washing can lessen the life of the stone or the siding. Do you know why? When the water is used with high pressure to clean the dirt, it can break the stone. Or you will see the cracks that become visible after pressure washing. This washing results in eventually breaking the stones.

Is there a solution to avoid breakage?

Well, you can opt for the soft washing method. You already know that soft washing does not need the pressure. So, when pressure is not there, you will not have to risk the durability of the stones to get a better appearance.

The detergents used in the process of soft washing are not harsh on the stones. So, it’s not a threat to the cleaning process. Moreover, you will get the stones cleaned and free from dirt and algae.

Reason of accumulation of dirt and growth of algae

There are various reasons for the growth of algae and the collection of dust on stones.

Weather and humidity

One of the main reasons is the weather and rain in the area. If you live in an area where the weather is usually warm and humid, it is most likely that there will be more dirt and algae growth on the stones, walls and homes.

Moisture and the dampness

The humidity and dampness are not because of the weather only. It can be because of the leakage and seepage in the house. If your home, roof, walls, or floors have the issue of leakage, you will find the growth of algae there.

Why is it essential to remove the algae and dirt?

The reasons are apparent. We cannot avoid the fact that cleaning of the house is essential. If the algae and dirt are not appropriately cleaned, it will not only look terrible, but it will also spread infections, irritations, and the breeding of other organisms. These reasons make it compulsory for the homemakers to clean their house to avoid any unlikely health issues that can happen.

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Benefits of Soft Washing your home

Professional Soft Washing


Soft washing services are excellent in keeping the delicate exterior aspect of your home clean and shiny without causing them to suffer any damage. Although pressure washing is an excellent method to get your exterior cleaned, experts sometimes advise that some delicate parts should be cleaned by soft washing. Some outer parts that require soft washing are;

  • wood panel siding
  • cedar shake roofing
  • Stucco and coquina
  • Screens, screened enclosures, and lanais

Whenever these installations require cleaning, pressure washing might not be efficient. Therefore, you need to opt for soft washing by hiring professionals trained and experienced to do the job. Below are the key benefits of soft washing.

Benefits of soft washing

1. It keeps Your Home Looking clean and attractive

After a long period of rough weather, dirt and grime will begin to accumulate, leaving an adaptable environment for green growth. Algae, moss, etc. make your home’s exterior susceptible to blotches, stains, and streaks. Proper and regular soft cleaning helps maintain your home’s exterior areas by keeping all the features and fixtures looking their best.

With a professional soft wash, your house will get free from dirt, grime, and algae making your exterior shine like brand new, and thus, maintaining the value of your property.

2. Keeps Your Family Healthy

Allowing Algae growth, mold, and mildew on your roof, windows, and other exterior areas will increase the chance of these bacteria growing in your interior. It is vital to understand that they are capable of introducing respiratory issues and allergic reactions for you and your family.

Soft washing not only reduces or removes mold and algae, but the cleaning agents used by experts also help destroy these organisms from their roots. This implies that you’ll keep you and your family healthy, and it would take a long time before you start planning another soft washing for your home.

3. Increases the durability of exterior parts and the overall longevity of your home.

Besides health risks, leaving your home’s exterior areas, uncleaned can introduce permanent and expensive damages to your home. For example, damages caused by lichen, fungi, and algae can gradually deteriorate the roof shingles and reduce the life span of your roof.

Regular Soft washing by professional soft washing services will magically increase the life span of your exterior surfaces, and you won’t need to deal with repairing or replacing regularly.

4. Keeps Pests away

Soft washing eliminates dirt, grime, algae, etc. but it doesn’t end there.  By soft washing your home’s exterior, you’re also removing adaptable areas for pests.

Pests such as roaches, birds, and rodents, are likely to thrive when your house is dirty. Professional soft washing services will help you remove the dirt and keep pests away from your property.

In conclusion, if you’ve not thought about having a soft wash for your dirty and grimy delicate exterior parts, now is the time because it benefits you as a homeowner. For your next soft wash in (Northeast, OH), (Powergreen Pressure Washing) is available to offer the best professional soft washing services for you. Call us today at (216-839-9274)!