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What is The Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft washing?

What is The Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft washing?

As a responsible homeowner, you want what is best for your home to ensure it lasts as long as possible and looks the best it possibly can. That is why it is important to understand the different types of exterior home cleanings available to you so you can make the best decision for you and your house.

The two most common forms of exterior home cleaning are pressure washing and soft washing. But what is the difference between the two? It boils down to the water pressure and amount of cleaning solution used in each type of washing. Pressure washing uses extremely high water pressure, usually between 1300-1700 PSI, or pounds per square inch. Soft washing foregoes that water pressure, usually only utilizing 500 or less PSI, and instead uses eco-friendly chemicals to get the job done.

How do you know which is the best for your home? The answer varies depending on what surface you are looking to have cleaned. Because pressure washing utilizes such high water pressure, it is best suited for extremely durable materials like brick, concrete, or rock. Pressure washing is commonly performed on sidewalks or patios instead of on the exterior of a house. Soft washing is better for most other materials and ensures surfaces won’t be eroded by extreme water pressure. It is best performed on materials like glass, cedar shake, wood, vinyl siding, and screens but the list goes on and on. If you’re still not sure, the good news is that most home care technicians are happy to provide phone consultations free of charge to ensure you get the cleaning service you and your home deserve.

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What is The Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft washing?

Services Provided By (Power Green), to Help Clean Your Concrete in (Northeast, OH)

When it comes to cleaning different parts of your house, the concrete outside is often overlooked. The concept is that it is a part of the driveway and that it doesn’t need to be cleaned because it is frequently used by cars and will get dirty again. That may just be the wrong way to go about the cleaning aspect of it. 

That is where our company comes in. If you are living in (Northeast, OH) then our company is the perfect one for you. We offer services that will help make your concrete cleaning an easy and smooth process. All you need to know now are the services we provide.

Concrete Cleaning

More often than not, this is a service that most people request in the summers. This helps keep the concrete cool and additionally helps it keep clean too. Our company helps provide great services to you, the customer, and makes sure that we satisfy you in all aspects of the work. 

Below are just some services that we provide to you if you live in (Northeast, OH). 

  1. Pressure Washing

In our company, we believe in making sure that the job is always done right in one go and that the customer goes away happy and satisfied by our level of professionalism and work. That is why we make sure that we provide a service that will help us get the best results.

By using pressure washing, the concrete gets cleaned out and also stays cool. The cold-water seeps in and makes sure that the pavement and the concrete remain cool. With pressure washing, any dirt that is on the concrete is swept away leaving a clean and clear concrete slab. 

  1. Getting Rid of Algae and Moss

More often than not, algae and moss start growing at the edges of the concrete and sometimes even in the middle of it where cracks have formed. That is where we come in. Our workers use their skills to make sure that they get rid of any access and unwanted moss or algae that is more often than not an eyesore. 

Any grease or any of the other undesirable mold that may have formed on the concrete is cleaned thoroughly to make sure that it has been completely eradicated. 

Final Thoughts

Our company, situated in (Northeast, OH) is there to help you in any case possible. From cleaning your concrete to making sure that it remains that way, our experts are always on the scene and help make sure that you are provided with the best services and also the best advice on how to make sure that your concrete stays the way it looks after cleaning. 

Satisfied customers are the hallmark of a good company and our purpose is to make sure that receive that level of loyalty and adoration from our customers. For any more information, please give us a call at (216-839-9274) 

Pressure Washing versus Power Washing

Pressure Washing versus Power Washing

Water is a powerful tool for cleaning a lot of different stuff. Clothes, cars, dishes, buildings, and more can all be cleaned thanks to water. Water alone is not enough to get stuff clean, however. Soap and other cleaning agents are what truly achieve cleanliness. This is why we use soap when we wash our dishes, cars, and the like. That said, sometimes even the power of soap is not enough in order to achieve cleanliness. Sometimes, however, it’s a simple matter of scale. Some objects and surfaces are large enough that hand washing becomes time consuming and takes too long. Trying to wash the walls of a house is a good example of this. No one would wash their walls by hand if they could avoid doing so, and there are ways to avoid such tedious washing.

An easy way to make washing easier and faster, especially for larger or more stubborn surfaces, is by adding pressure. Using pressurized water to clean large surfaces faster, to clean surfaces that have stubborn dirt or grease on them, or both, is a common method cleaning. There are several different methods for utilizing pressure to clean surfaces, and they all have their uses.

One such cleaning method is, appropriately enough, pressure washing. Pressure washing utilizes high pressure to clean surfaces quickly. This method is, like most washing methods, dependent on soap or detergent to ensure a proper cleaning of the surface. Pressure washing also has the problem that the surface being washed needs to be durable enough to sustain the effort of cleaning without getting damaged itself. Brick walls and sidewalks are good uses of pressure washing.

You might think a car with is a type of pressure washing, but that’s actually soft washing, which uses low pressure and sometimes heat to clean surfaces that require pressure, but can’t handle the higher efforts of pressure washing. This naturally limits pressure washing’s uses, especially when it comes to removing grease. Grease is stubborn, and to get rid of it you generally need hot water. For large applications of removing the sort of stubborn filth where heat ensures the job gets done, there’s power washing.

Power washing is very similar to pressure washing, except that it also adds heat. Power washing is great for removing stubborn grease or dirt and filth from textured surfaces like concrete or bricks when pressure washing isn’t enough to handle the job. the use of heat to assist with washing is incredibly common. Washing clothes and dishes is often done with the help of heat, but it doesn’t have to be done that way. Much like washing clothes, the use of hot or cold water can sometimes be up to the person doing the cleaning. Power washing is generally better because of the heat, but not as many surfaces can take that heat as can handle just pressure washing. Both washing styles rely on high pressure and other means to achieve cleanliness. Which one is better depends largely on the surface getting cleaned and what sort of dirt and grime is involved.

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What is The Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft washing?


Over time, dirt, grime, bird droppings, and other unwanted dirt can ruin your property’s appearance. While you can try different cleaning tactics, sometimes the only solution is to pressure wash it. The team (Power Green Pressure Washing) quickly cleans the exterior of your home and offers pressure washing services when you need them most! With a constant flow of water, we can remove the stubborn dirt from your property under high pressure. While pressure washing can damage if not done correctly, you don’t have to worry about this. Our specialists (Power Green Pressure Washing) use the correct pressure, nozzle, and spray distances to ensure we don’t throw wood, remove paint, or damage your property.

Four reasons why pressure washing is needed to improve your property

A clean property not only makes the property environment safe and healthy but also provides an attractive image. Normal cleaning methods that involve cumbersome hand scrubbing and the use of chemicals are normally not always the best way to clean your property. 

Importance of pressure washing.

1. A pressure washing helps maintain the value of your property.

This is one of the importance of using pressure washing to take care of a property. The home, especially the outside, is continuously exposed to natural and human-made elements such as wind, dust, dirt, rain, smoke, dirt, and more. These elements adversely affect the walls of the house and the external paint, which can easily decrease your property value. Pressure washing refreshes and preserves your home’s appearance and makes selling easier and represents a higher value in the case.

2. Pressure washing hinders permanent destruction to your property

Dirt, mildew, mold, algae, and winter grime taint can damage your property if not given attention for long periods. Pressure washing makes it easy to remove these items without polluting the environment compared with the traditional cleaning method.

3. Pressure washing helps in preserving the beauty of your property.

Ugly stains, molds, mildew, dust, and other types of elements can affect the spectacular appeal of your property.  Pressure washing will help you regain that beauty your property has, reach those far fetched areas, and remove dirt. With pressure washing, the exterior of the property, driveway, and parking lot look new. Amazing your guests and clients.

4. Pressure washing helps you to prepare surfaces to be worked on.

 Pressure washing is the best way to clean and prepare surfaces such as decks or exterior walls for painting and finishing. Pressure washing guarantees access to areas where cracks and crevices are difficult to access and helps renew surfaces, unlike other cleaning solutions.

We strongly recommend pressure washing at least once or twice a year. However, contact a professional service at (Power Green Pressure Washing) to avoid damaging your property with pressure washing.

The advantage of (Power Green Pressure Washing)  pressure washing service at(Strongsville, OH)

 (Power Green) pressure washing is available in the area (Strongsville, OH). We offer a separate commercial pressure washing unit. It combines hot water and environmentally friendly cleaning products to effectively remove mold, mildew, dirt, soot, and other contaminants.

Our processes not only guarantee quality washing. The cleaning products we use are non-abrasive and biodegradable, so lawns, plants, shrubs, and bushes are safe.

Call (Power Green Pressure Washing) for all cleaning and pressure washing requirements. We will work hard to restore the building’s facade, siding, fence, walkway,  and more to remove dirt, stains, grimes, and graffiti.

We are so sure that you will be very happy with the results we will achieve to guarantee your satisfaction.

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What is The Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft washing?

How to Save Money on Home Repairs

Did you know that by pressure washing your siding, you can save money? It’s true. Let’s look at ways that this simple service can impact your bottom line. Whether you’re a business or residence, it’s important to keep your home in good shape. Not only does it enhance the appearance of your home, but it can save you money.

How Can Pressure Washing my Home Save Money?

  • Unresolved issues rarely go away on their own. By ignoring the build-up of mold or mildew, you may not be aware that it’s eating away at your home’s exterior. By washing away this pesky nuisance, you’ll save yourself from future rot that can cause you to have to replace siding or shingles.
  • A licensed company can help prevent damage. A good company uses detergents that aren’t harsh to the exterior of your home. If you try to clean the outside of your home with the wrong cleansing agents, you can cause damage not only to the siding, but also to the landscaping around your home.
  • Dirt and dust can lead to allergy issues, just like mold and mildew. But it’s not only a health issue, they can also mar the look of your home, bringing down the value when it comes time to sell. If you’re getting an appraisal, you’ll get a better financial figure as your bottom line if your house looks well-maintained and clean.
  • Businesses that have a dirty exterior aren’t doing their best to bring in new customers. Let’s be honest, if you don’t care enough to have a clean exterior, potential customers can be turned off. If you can’t keep the exterior clean, they’ll wonder about the interior as well. This is a loss of potential income. Be smart and consider the entire package when making a visually appealing façade to draw in new customers.

Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to bring out the best in your home’s or business’s appearance. Using a licensed and insured company to do so, is the best way to get it done professionally with smart, well-trained people.

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What is The Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft washing?

Power Green Pressure Washing Services Cleveland, OH

If you have been searching me for pressure washing services near me in Cleveland, OH, then the team at Power Green Pressure Washing should be your first and only call! Our experienced team at Power Green Pressure Washing has been proudly servicing the Cleveland, Ohio area for years and is looking forward to working with you!

When it comes to pressure washing services in Cleveland, OH, then the team at Power Green Pressure Washing is only a phone call away. You can contact us on (216) 839-9274 for a 100% free, no-obligation quote on any pressure washing needs.

Here at Power Green Pressure Washing, we utilize a safe, yet effective combination of low-pressure washing techniques and cleaning solutions to clean the exterior areas of your residential or commercial property. We’ll leave the outer regions of your property looking just like the day that they were first built!

Some of the areas that require regular pressure washing include pool areas, decks, outdoor areas, patios, paths, driveways, exterior walls, and roofs. Over time, these areas can become covered in the build-up, including mold, mildew, grime, dust, dirt, and stains. The longer that you leave your outdoor spaces without regular pressure washing, the harder they will be to clean, and the higher the risk of permanent damage to the surface.

Our experienced team of pressure washing specialists are part of the local Cleveland community and understand the environmental impact homes and businesses go through. They have had decades of combined experience, successfully pressure washing homes and businesses throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area.

You can contact Power Green Pressure Washing today on (216) 839-9274 to arrange a 100% free, no-obligation quote on any residential or commercial pressure washing. We’ll arrange a time and date convenient to you to walk you through the pressure washing process and show you just how effective it can be.