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What am I seeing on my exterior siding?

What am I seeing on my exterior siding?

A stain on your residence siding will always prevail, particularly without routine upkeep on your residence. Part of the difficulty of staining is trying to determine who the culprit is because there are a variety of different types. In this post, our objective is to educate you of the kind of contaminants most commonly discovered on the side of your residence and what tends to create them.

Common Stains on Exterior Siding


Dirt is the most standard discoloration you will see on your house. There are a lot of ways that dirt connects itself to your exterior siding, a few of which are brought on by the elements. As an example, if there is a heavy storm with a lot of wind, loosened up dirt and mud can be blown onto the exterior of your house. The other way you can permit dirt to wind up on your exterior siding is while you are landscaping or something similar around your house.


If you are seeing green stuff on your residence siding, primarily placed on the northside of the home, it indicates that algae has attached itself to your exterior siding. Algae is among one of the most typical contaminants that homeowners will see on their house. The origins of algae on outside residence siding are not constantly clear, yet among the most typical sources originates from bodies of water. As an instance, Lake Erie residences experience great deals of algal growing that is increased by drainage into the lake. This air pollution allows the algae to feed and expand, then becomes airborne and starts to fasten itself to and feed off the dirt on your exterior siding. While algae will not cause any kind of structural problems, it can install itself right into the home siding if it is not managed.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew on the siding are brought on by the buildup of dampness on the exterior siding. The opportunity of mold and mildew broadening on house siding rises when the dampness comes from a location of the house that acquires little to no sunlight. Like algae, mold and mildew feed off the dirt that is currently on the exterior siding. Both mold and mildew are fungi, nevertheless, they have different needs. Mold is mainly green and black in color while mildew has a tendency to range from white to yellow. Mold and mildew require to be eliminated rapidly as a result of the health risks it supplies.

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Tips On How to Boost Visual Attraction

Tips On How to Boost Visual Attraction

Whether you are marketing your residence or planning to stay a while longer, recognizing particularly simply how to enhance aesthetic allure for your home or commercial building is critical for keeping or enhancing your residence’s worth. If you are not intending to move, including aesthetic appeals, attracting your home on a constant basis might also establish an example for your neighbors to act in the direction of increasing the look of their area.

Below is a list, in no order of value, of means to enhance your residence’s aesthetic charm:

1) Mount New Light Fixtures

2) Take Care of Your Yard

3) Paint (door, trim, house, and so on).

4) New garage door.

5) Power Wash Residence in addition to Garage.

6) Inspect/Repair Concrete.

7) Wash Your Driveway, Patios, in addition to Decks.

8) Tidy and also in addition Set Up Outdoor Furnishings.

Maintain reading for a great deal even more details on simply just how to finish up all the tasks noted over.

Mount New Light Fixtures.

Lights are typically the first thing observed when a person is walking right into or past your home when the sunshine is down. If your existing components remain in poor quality or simply obsolete, replacing them can go a long way. Make sure to clean up any type of particles or webs in these places as well. Whether you are changing existing components or establishing makeshift ones with string or cable, this is among one of the most cost-effective strategies for boosting aesthetic appeal.

Take care of Your Yard.

Keeping your yard in great condition covers the list when it includes fundamental visual appeal work. When rainfall appears reasonably limited, mostly throughout summer, make certain to sprinkle your backyard to prevent it from browning out. Additionally, remain on top of trimming the lawn. An overgrown yard develops the impression for your site visitors together with neighbors that maintaining your residence is not a top priority.


Combined with lighting fixtures, your front door is more than likely the first thing a visitor will definitely see in your house. Painting the front door can considerably improve your house’s visual allure, and likewise, it is an inexpensive task. While you are frequently having a tendency to your door, evaluate whether any sort of trim, shutters or outside siding can use some repairing likewise.

New Garage Door.

You more than likely never ever observed it given that it is typically challenging to distinguish at a distance, yet your old garage door can likely utilize a substitute. Having a new garage door placed can dramatically enhance the aesthetic attraction for your home, especially if the garage has high exposure from the street. Furthermore, transforming the garage door has a solid benefit to offering the home.

Power Washing your home along with Garage.

Having your home cleaned up skillfully is the best technique to recover its sparkle. Throughout the year, surface area impurities like algae, mold, and mildew, along with dirt make their way to your exterior siding. Soft cleansing your home will firmly get rid of those surface area contaminations along with obtaining your outdoor siding appearing like brand-new. When having your residence cleaned up, it is urged to access the roof covering. If there is any type of moss or streaking on the roof, having a low-pressure treatment with the appropriate cleansers will absolutely renew the surface. When offering your home, having it masterfully cleaned up can consist of an additional $15,000 in worth too.

Inspect/Repair Concrete.

If you see that the concrete on your driveway or outside patio is collapsing or degrading, you need to take the ideal tasks to manage those. While having brand-new concrete poured is somewhat expensive, safety is what is essential.

Washing Driveway, Decks, in addition to Patios.

At first, sweep the debris off your outside patio location, driveway, and also the deck. When you have brushed up, you need to have these surface areas washed as well. Washing these surface areas will absolutely help recuperate their luster, but make sure to capitalize on risk-free stress in addition to the correct cleansers when doing so. If you are not comfortable utilizing pressure washing equipment, calling an experienced power cleaning company is consistently a wonderful alternative.

Tidy in addition to Organize Furnishings.

Because your decks, as well as patio area areas, are looking fantastic, you likely would prefer the furnishings to match. Merely hosing off along with carefully massaging your exterior patio area home furnishings will absolutely put you as well as your site visitors at ease. Organizing your furnishings in an enticing way will absolutely likewise generate a better experience, particularly for potential clients attempting to picture themselves in this space.

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Even before a house can be touched up, the surface areas may need to be cleaned up and prepped. Pressure washing is often a dependable way to extensively clean your household’s exterior to prepare it for new paint. But just because your next-door neighbor whipped out a pressure washer and went to town on his property doesn’t suggest you must jump on the bandwagon. Know the dangers of pressure washing your residential property, and learn how to make certain it’s done right.

Hazards of Pressure Washing Your Property

Even though lots of people frequently utilize pressure washers on their residences, there are surprising possible dangers in the process.

When water is propelled at pressures too strong, it can get into your walls and your home. Your household is constructed to stand up to rain and other fluid, and it can even endure a low PSI with a pressure washer, yet when pressure washers are made use of at total capability, you might end up with mushy carpet, soaked attics, and mold.

When done incorrectly, a pressure washer can harm exterior siding, even beating it loose. The mortar on brick residential properties can easily be blasted away, likewise, if the owner doesn’t understand what he or she is doing. In novice hands, the pressure washer can damage window screens, trigger leaking in window seals, and more. It can eliminate paint, and if you were only planning on cleaning your household, you’ll now be confronted with painting as well.

Advantages of Pressure Washing Your House

With all those possibilities, you might just be wondering why you should really even consider pressure washing your residential property. However, in the right hands, pressure washing can surely be incredibly valuable to your residential property.

When made use of at the appropriate levels, pressure washing can clean your household of gunk, dirt, and unattractive stains. This improves curb appeal, and even just makes you happy to come home to your breathtaking residence. When done right, pressure washing is a worthwhile part of property routine maintenance that keeps your home in tip-top shape while minimizing the risk of greater difficulties in the future.

Pressure washing removes mold and mildew, which are harmful to both your property and the health of your family. When mildew and mold go untreated, they continue to grow– and mold can grow within wall structures, indicating your household’s interior could be involved.

When done by a specialist, pressure washing is a beneficial step in readying your household’s surfaces to be repainted.

Don’t DIY

Pressure washing is valuable, but only when done properly. To do it right, you must have an understanding of how it impacts several materials, how those materials respond to pressure, what to do in unexpected situations, and more. Because of this, you must only pressure wash your house if you’ve employed a licensed, experienced service provider who washes with low pressure.

PowerGreen Pressure Washing is a licensed, experienced specialist with the know-how to remove mildew, dirt, and stains from the exterior of your household. We take pleasure in our work, and it shows. Give us a ring at 216-839-9274, or contact us online for a cost-free estimate.

What’s The Best Way To Pressure Wash Siding?

What’s The Best Way To Pressure Wash Siding?

Check the Condition of Siding and Windows

Before using the pressure washer, take a quick walk around the house to make sure that the siding is all intact and no pieces of vinyl have become loose. Check for cracks in the siding that water might penetrate and identify how the lengths of siding on long walls overlap. Make sure all of your windows are shut and check to see that caulking and glazing on those windows are in good condition so that water doesn’t seep in. 


How to Clean Vinyl Siding

If your home’s exterior has begun looking drab and faded, clean it with a pressure washer. Learn how with these easy step-by-step instructions. 

  1. Check with Your Siding Manufacturer to Determine What Detergents Can or Can’t Be Used for Cleaning.
  2. Pre-Rinse the Vinyl Siding with Water.  This Will Allow the Surface to Be the Best Temperature for Cleaning.
  3. Working in Sections, Using Low Pressure, apply a Commercial Detergent, and Allow to Dwell for Appropriate Amount of Time.
  4. Using Low Pressure, Rinse Completely, and Check for Any Areas That Need Detergent Applied Again.
  5. Be Sure to Completely Rinse All of The Siding Before the Detergent Dries on The Surface. This Will Prevent Costly Repairs Down the Road.


Tools Necessary To Clean Vinyl Siding

You will need, at a minimum a, 4 gallon per minute pressure washer with variable spray nozzles to control the PSI.  With vinyl siding cleaning, PSI lower than 300 is recommended.  A 4 gallon per minute pressure washing machine should be able to reach the top of any 2-story home as long as you are using the appropriate spray nozzles.  

When operating the pressure washing machine, you will want to wear gloves and eye goggles to protect your hands and face from exposure to detergent.  Some people’s skin reacts to detergents in a negative way and a trip to the hospital cleaning vinyl siding shouldn’t be on the list.


Hiring A Professional For Vinyl Siding Cleaning

As you can see from all the steps and equipment necessary to appropriately clean your vinyl siding, it’s best to hire a professional for this task.  A lot of times you would have to rent the appropriate pressure washing machine because you probably don’t have a 4 gallon per minute pressure washing machine on hand.  Couple that with the fact that you probably don’t have the correct commercial detergents to effectively clean vinyl siding and now you can see the importance of hiring a professional.  

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Why You Should Use A Professional for Your House Washing

Why You Should Use A Professional for Your House Washing

No matter what type of home you own, the exterior is eventually going to get dirty. Dirt and grime start to build up on vinyl siding, bricks and get stained, and moss and algae can start to grow (especially in areas with a lot of rain). While there are DIY solutions, these can end up requiring expensive equipment, use chemicals that can damage your home’s exterior, and take a lot of time. If your house needs washing, here’s why you need to use a professional:

It Increases the Value of Your Home

When you get a professional cleaning, you are adding to the investment in your property. If you ever plan on selling your home, the exterior is the first thing that people will notice, and the difference between a drab, dirty appearing house, and a professionally maintained exterior can be what makes or breaks a sale. Not only that, a professional home washing company will make sure that your home gets cleaned in ways that maintain warranties for things like vinyl siding or shingles so you retain the value of the materials that went into building your home.

Your Home Looks Great

Professional house washing companies have the tools, experience, and techniques to clean houses of any type and any size. Brick homes, for example, may best be suited to pressure washing which would ruin vinyl siding which would need soft washing. Knowing the right techniques for the job is what makes the difference between an “okay” DIY job and a stunning professional cleaning. When you use a professional, your home will look great.

It Saves You Time and Money

House washing is a strenuous, repetitive task that can take homeowners days to finish (and not even get the results they want). A professional can clean the exterior of your house in just a matter of hours. And while professional house washing may seem more expensive, it saves you time and money in the long run. If you were going to clean your home yourself, you would have to purchase cleaning products, rent expensive equipment, and invest a lot of time. A professional has everything they need included in the price.

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Professional Soft Washing


Soft washing services are excellent in keeping the delicate exterior aspect of your home clean and shiny without causing them to suffer any damage. Although pressure washing is an excellent method to get your exterior cleaned, experts sometimes advise that some delicate parts should be cleaned by soft washing. Some outer parts that require soft washing are;

  • wood panel siding
  • cedar shake roofing
  • Stucco and coquina
  • Screens, screened enclosures, and lanais

Whenever these installations require cleaning, pressure washing might not be efficient. Therefore, you need to opt for soft washing by hiring professionals trained and experienced to do the job. Below are the key benefits of soft washing.

Benefits of soft washing

1. It keeps Your Home Looking clean and attractive

After a long period of rough weather, dirt and grime will begin to accumulate, leaving an adaptable environment for green growth. Algae, moss, etc. make your home’s exterior susceptible to blotches, stains, and streaks. Proper and regular soft cleaning helps maintain your home’s exterior areas by keeping all the features and fixtures looking their best.

With a professional soft wash, your house will get free from dirt, grime, and algae making your exterior shine like brand new, and thus, maintaining the value of your property.

2. Keeps Your Family Healthy

Allowing Algae growth, mold, and mildew on your roof, windows, and other exterior areas will increase the chance of these bacteria growing in your interior. It is vital to understand that they are capable of introducing respiratory issues and allergic reactions for you and your family.

Soft washing not only reduces or removes mold and algae, but the cleaning agents used by experts also help destroy these organisms from their roots. This implies that you’ll keep you and your family healthy, and it would take a long time before you start planning another soft washing for your home.

3. Increases the durability of exterior parts and the overall longevity of your home.

Besides health risks, leaving your home’s exterior areas, uncleaned can introduce permanent and expensive damages to your home. For example, damages caused by lichen, fungi, and algae can gradually deteriorate the roof shingles and reduce the life span of your roof.

Regular Soft washing by professional soft washing services will magically increase the life span of your exterior surfaces, and you won’t need to deal with repairing or replacing regularly.

4. Keeps Pests away

Soft washing eliminates dirt, grime, algae, etc. but it doesn’t end there.  By soft washing your home’s exterior, you’re also removing adaptable areas for pests.

Pests such as roaches, birds, and rodents, are likely to thrive when your house is dirty. Professional soft washing services will help you remove the dirt and keep pests away from your property.

In conclusion, if you’ve not thought about having a soft wash for your dirty and grimy delicate exterior parts, now is the time because it benefits you as a homeowner. For your next soft wash in (Northeast, OH), (Powergreen Pressure Washing) is available to offer the best professional soft washing services for you. Call us today at (216-839-9274)!